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Design services


We design experiences that connect, engage and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Everything we design is built around the foundations of knowledge and relevance. Knowledge from the work we have done understanding all the factors for your brand in retail, this defines the relevance of the final outcome to your target shopper.

We design for an in-store experience that is on budget, on brand, practical, in harmony with the environment and impactful on the right shopper for the right reasons. Our designers know that pretty design for the sake of it, is dead. Keeping up with global trends through our partnership network and working with our library of thousands of images from around the world means that we can assess new trends and use those that are relevant to you.

We innovate when we need to. We know that great design uses ideas both new and old. Great design is more than a fashion statement.

Manufacturing services


We have world class manufacturing capabilities. We work with partner factories dedicated to our industry, using our processes of production management and quality control. Our on-site management ensures delivery of both prototypes and full production of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent units of high quality, on time, on budget and in full.

We deliver all over the world, by land, sea and air.

We believe that once a project is delivered there is more to do to ensure that no learnings are lost. We look to measure and evaluate the performance of what has been created, in the environment where it has to perform-that of the store.

Using techniques from our initial evaluation of the project, we re-define the impact on the shopper and the retailer and close the loop for you.