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Why Is The New Retail In 2018 Worth Looking Forward To?
- Oct 20, 2018 -

Some time ago, the global memory price hikes made a large number of stocks of memory sticks earned a lot of money, compared to the blockchain that has always been a hot spot in the circle was hit by a wave of traffic.

It seems to have been like this since ancient times. An event has created a wave of people who can seize the opportunity, a wave of people who follow in time, and a bunch of people who smash the big luck. Afterwards, the word of mouth of the masses and the proliferation of modern media also ruthlessly degraded the hapless people who fell in the incident.

The term new retail, although first proposed by Ma Yun at the 2016 Yunqi Conference, has been tried before the time node.

When it comes to new retail, in addition to Ali's "box horse fresh" and "Taobao member store", the most famous domestic name is Amazon's "Amazon Go". With all sorts of technical issues, Amazon Go has been in the experimental stage and was previously used as an internal employee and is not open to the public. The immature technology and high maintenance costs make Amazon Go a long-term position in Amazon's business framework. On January 22, 2018, Amazon Go was officially opened to the public. Ali's “Taobao Member Store” and Jingdong Unbounded Retail – an unmanned supermarket, is now a three-legged “new retail”.

Talking about new retail, this is a new concept that is not a long time, and too much content needs to be enriched. The means of payment, logistics speed, AR and VR technology upgrades all indicate that the industry will not slow down in recent years. In the subtle, new retail has gradually become equal to the unmanned retail. Chen Haibo, CEO of Shenlan Technology, who has been deeply involved in the industry, has summarized unmanned retail into three technical genres: Internet of Things (RFID), Internet of Things (mobile phone scan code), and artificial intelligence genre. Here is a brief explanation of these terms. The so-called RFID is the radio frequency identification technology. The core technology of Taobao member stores and Amazon Go is the inclusion of visual technology and this technology. As a general example, Haishu’s home has specific applications. The RFID tag is embedded or glued on the label attached to the garment to facilitate the management of the product, and on the other hand, the door lock or the anti-theft function of the gate is also improved. Mobile phone scan code is a slightly low-end type, and convenient small bees such as bees can be classified into this category. The convenience is obvious and the shortcomings are obvious - there are certain requirements for the user's personal moral quality (I Take it and leave you biting me). Artificial intelligence, AI, this is also what Shenlan Technology has been doing. Although the domestic reputation can't match the "three-legged", Shenlan Technology is firmly determined to be on the way to combine AI and new retail.

After all, e-commerce has suffocated the traditional retail industry, and new retail sales have emerged in time when traditional e-commerce is about to turn to the peak. In addition to technology updates, the more important reason is consumers’ consumer experience. Request an upgrade.

Looking back, without Taobao, Jingdong, what is the domestic consumer experience? It is the consumer experience that is so bad in the domestic industry that has made electricity. However, the traditional e-commerce industry from the moment of falling to the ground, its short board is also exposed. Compared with the lower prices of offline, the choice of a wider range of goods, in the face of consumer demand for consumer experience is less important. This is fatal and is not doomed to make corrections through practical means.

The fiery heat of the sharing economy has contributed to the “Rainbow War” in the domestic shared bicycle market, a color camp. A series of combinations of propaganda, promotion, exclusion, mergers, acquisitions, and investment have become more and more an orange-yellow battle. Nowadays, the new retail market is booming. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs outside of Amazon, Jingdong, Ali and Shenlan have also seen opportunities and have joined in.