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Where Is The New Retail Future Road ?
- Sep 17, 2018 -

The unmanned shelves that are closely related to the new retail are quickly chilling in the middle of this year. What is the problem? How long can it last?

Unlike the unmanned supermarkets of Ma's father, the unmanned shelves are aimed at the last square meter competition, focusing on the office buildings and shopping malls in big cities. They offer a wide variety of snack drinks, but there are no sales staff, and customers pay for the code.

Starting in 2015, the leading frog and small e micro-shops have entered everyone's field of vision, and the industry's biggest explosion is to wait until 2017. The entrepreneurial team of Guo Xiaomei, which was established in Chengdu, is a big cow, including the general manager of the US East China Region, the US group COO, and the general manager of Alibaba.

The concept of Xiaomei’s entrepreneurship is “to import ports with unmanned shelves as traffic, and online copying and cost-effective”. This venture has been smooth since the beginning and has received an investment of 30 million angel round investment. In less than a year, the financing exceeded 500 million yuan, the business covered 59 cities, the shelf terminal was nearly 100,000, and the daily transaction volume was more than one million.

The red fire is not only a small beauty, the convenience of the corn, the Hami technology, the seven koalas, the convenience bees, etc. have entered everyone's vision. In the past two years, a total of 40 similar companies have received more than 3 billion financing.


Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

The fire is booming, and the next step is to smash it. After the big financing, the layoffs of these star-starting companies (Start-ups) layoffs, transformational transformation, and some directly closed down.



Where is the problem? The product coincides with the new retail. It is a sunrise industry. The team is also an elite in the industry. It has more capital support. Why are they dying? Alan today summed up the three major weaknesses of unmanned shelves:

New retail or retail, there must be a basic structure of retail. The most missing of the unmanned shelves is the supply chain.

There is only one shelf in the office, no storage, no low-cost source of supply, and no unified information system. Failure is inevitable.

Low barrier to entry, easy to copy


Unmanned shelves can be said to have no technical content, resulting in serious homogeneity among enterprises. How to stand out? Crazy shop, paying for subsidies, and after the capital is squandered, nothing can be left.

High cost, labor cost and steal rate are unbearable

It may be that the money from the previous period is too easy. The labor cost of the unmanned shelves is high and scary. Some business developers can even enter 50,000 monthly. This is not an order of magnitude higher than the labor costs of the traditional retail industry, and it is impossible to achieve the normal operation of the enterprise.

In the closed space of the office, real-time replenishment to ensure the freshness of sandwiches, yogurt and other commodities, the transaction amount can not support the cost of logistics and manual replenishment. This also led to the end of the subsidy war, the unmanned shelves of goods are expensive, no one cares, and fell into a vicious circle (Vicious circle / 'vɪʃəs / ).



In addition, more than 20% of the steal rate is also the biggest weakness of unmanned shelves and the traditional retail industry. There is currently no effective solution.

Today, Guo Xiaomei has abandoned the self-operated new retail and access to the supply chain of third-party convenience stores, and the convenience bee has also begun to transform into smart containers. The last square meter, perhaps belonging to the Vending machine.

Companies that want to be at the cusp should not waste capital at the beginning to cause path dependence. After all, the wind will disappear.