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Villager Shares Specialties, Finds Success With E-commerce
- Dec 12, 2018 -

A villager in Southwest China's Guizhou province wanted a way to make sure his fellow locals can enjoy their favorite delicacies anywhere, and introduce the area’s unique offerings to a broader audience. His wish has come true, thanks to e-commerce.

After working far from his hometown for 12 years, Li Jiyong decided to go back home to tap a market for his hometown specialties. Based on his successful experience running an online clothing shop back in 2011, the 34-year-old applied those skills to sell agricultural products in his hometown this year.

As Li did careful research and surveyed to ensure the quality of each product before listing online, his shop saw great sales growth. Now, sales revenue for Li's online business has reached more than 200,000 yuan ($28,957.48) every month, providing a channel for nearly 10 other local entrepreneurs.