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TSD Get German TUV Certification !
- Sep 15, 2018 -

At present,  TSD has 4 production workshops, such as wood workshop, acrylic  workshop, metal workshop and assembly workshop.

Wood workshop


Mainly based on wood (MDF board, plywood, etc.) materials, it has the functions of  display, brand image transmission, storage , and is suitable for display of high value products such as communication, cosmetics and daily care.

Acrylic workshop


It is mainly used for organic materials, and is used to display high-end cosmetics, accessories, boutiques and other fashion products to convey high-quality brand image.

metal workshop


Mainly based on hardware materials, it has the advantages of convenient disassembly and assembly, moderate cost and durability. It is widely used in the display of food and beverage, home appliances, clothing, shoes and hats.

Assembly workshop


Assembly of semi-finished parts is the last production step. After assembly, it is cleaned and multi-layered to prevent damage during transportation.

After strict review by the representative of the third-party auditing agency, our company's management system, production equipment and production capacity have been highly recognized and issued certificates to our company.