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The Super Typhoon Mangosteen Attacked Zhongshan, And The Factory Is Ready For Defense!
- Sep 17, 2018 -

On the 17th, the city continued to suspend classes for one day! Cancel the suspension of production and stop production

On the evening of the 16th, the city's three-defense headquarters issued an important reminder: After the landing of "Hawthorn", the city will continue to have strong winds and heavy rains. The primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the city will continue to suspend classes for one day on September 17.

The suspension of work (industry), production suspension, market suspension, and shutdown is now lifted. In order to provide conditions for the rapid restoration of the appearance of the city, road traffic, and water supply and emergency repairs, the public is requested to minimize travel on September 17.

Our factory did not suffer losses in the attack of this super typhoon. Considering that the typhoon had just passed, there were many obstacles to be cleaned on the road. The company decided that in addition to the basic maintenance personnel, other staff members were still at home for a while. Safety production notice