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The Role Of The Light On The Display Shelf
- Mar 19, 2018 -

There are many kinds of display racks, according to the different conditions of use are divided into landing, table, wall, etc. according to the industry and the cosmetics, electronics industry, food and beverage, etc. in fact, according to different accessories we will also carry out a simple classification: ordinary display rack and with lights, with lcd/led display, A display rack that is electrically charged (that is, a power supply is available). Today we are going to brief you on the display with lights.

What is the light on the display shelf? According to our years of production experience, with the display of light with more acrylic (PMMA, also known as Plexiglass), PVC, PETG materials, because the lighting needs to be installed inside the display rack power lines, this point for the wooden display frame is more difficult, And the temperature rise caused by luminescence is too difficult for wood materials. So why is the display of metal materials rarely used light? That is because the same volume of the case, the quality of metal material is relatively large, which means that the display is very heavy, and metal parts between the connection is the use of welding technology, not very convenient operation.

What is the use of light on the display shelf? In the display, the function of lighting is no more than two, one is environmental lighting, with the whole exhibition hall design, the second is the display of lighting, highlighting the things to show. It is obvious that the display is specially designed for the exhibits, with special lighting highlighting the exhibits and the overall design of the exhibition hall. The lighting on the display shelf is designed for the product, taking into account the color, brightness, angle and so on, according to the material, volume, selling point and so on. In a word, lighting is to create a visual focus to attract consumers and display exhibits at the same time, these two points are indispensable.