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The Importance Of Unified Store Display
- Mar 19, 2018 -

From a narrow sense of understanding, that is, a shop display the unity of display, a broad understanding is that a brand store in the display of the unity.

Unified Shop display represents a unified display style, for a brand, should not want to store their stores in different places show a completely different image? Some brands (such as Uniqlo, H&M, etc.) will issue an exhibition guide from Headquarters at the beginning of each quarter, allowing global stores to adjust their display accordingly.

Second, this is more important in the hearts of consumers to establish a clear positioning of the brand image. Imagine that if the country stores have a style, consumers may be very confused about the brand's positioning. In the contemporary, the product is not only pure product, it is the expression of the consumer individuality, "the populace" "omnipotent" such positioning already does not apply, attracts the consumer's favor to rely on the precise localization. The Unified shop display style relies on the style guidance, uses the display frame, the prop presents the concrete visual effect. And the shop inside all display display product props can be called display racks, it is undoubtedly the combination of style and products is the key.