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The Difference Between Shelves And Display Racks
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Shelves and display racks are used in shopping malls to display the shelves of goods, many calls to consult customers often said to us: I want a home decoration shop display rack. When we ask, what kind of goods do you use primarily to show? The voice of the customer on the phone is very puzzled, what is the main display? It's time to see the furnishings of our shop. Customers tend to confuse shelves with display racks.

Conceptually, the display shelf is one of the shelf categories. They are functionally used to put goods, but the shelf is a more general term, display frame belongs to a subdivision area. Shelves are supermarkets, shopping malls commonly used in the display of goods containers, they are tall, simple. And the display is designed by designers, in order to highlight the characteristics of the product and selling points, in the shape and function have played a role in attracting consumers, and each display on the shelf has its own brand logo, in the promotion of the brand has also played a big part.

The production of display racks is mainly custom-made, with little wholesale volume production. Display Shelf design company to fully understand the needs of brand companies and display products before the designer to proceed with the design of the display.