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Smart Manufacturing Conference | Reconstructing Traditional Business Elements Retailing Sings New Voices
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Today's retail model is roughly divided into two types. One is the traditional retail of products sold through dealers to retail stores. Consumers pay in one-handed delivery in physical stores; secondly, with the development of the Internet in recent years. The rise of e-commerce, commonly known as online shopping, consumers have not actually touched the goods when they consume, and the online order is purchased and delivered to the home by logistics.

For consumers who are accustomed to online shopping, the quality requirements for the goods are getting higher and higher, but it is difficult for consumers to determine the quality of the goods before receiving the goods, but the online store can Easy to do.

So, what kind of scenario will a physical store trade on the Internet?

Such a picture emerges in mind - consumers see their favorite products online, you can go directly to the physical store to actually experience, experience, after purchase, you can choose to be delivered to your home by the merchant. This has expanded the range of choices for consumers and the needs of all aspects have been met.

The new retail, this sudden “whirlwind”, combined with online and offline logistics, because of its convenient and easy-to-operate characteristics, swept the north and south almost overnight, sparking discussion and expectation of retail industry reform.

Multi-reformed, intelligent, new gravity

If the first year of 2017 as the new retail is the year of controversy, then 2018 is the year of practice, and various innovations, fissiones and breakthroughs are coming. The combination of new retail, new species, Internet of Things, smart living and blockchain has formed the most exciting symphony of this era.

The term “new retail” was proposed by Ma Yun at the 16-year Yunqi Conference. It refers to enterprises relying on the Internet to produce, distribute and sell goods through the use of advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. The process is upgraded to reshape the business structure and ecosystem, and a new retail model of in-depth integration of online services, offline experience and modern logistics.

There are no new and old points for retail goods and services. The uniqueness of the new retail is that it “reconstructs” the industry – using the Internet and big data, the new retail will redistribute traditional business elements such as “people, goods, and fields”, reconstruct production processes, and reconstruct businesses. Relationship with consumers, refactoring consumer experience.

The Internet makes the cost of direct docking between consumers and producers close to zero. All intermediate links of business flow will be eliminated. The circulation value of traditional wholesalers and retailers will also approach zero. The rest is only experience and instant. Consumption and integration services.

It can be said that the physical store business customer traffic is increased, the promotion on the online product is more convenient, and the labor cost is reduced. The physical store can make each consumer membership by virtue of the online store, so as to keep and pull new. Online big data statistical analysis function can also help merchants analyze each consumer's consumption habits, preferences, etc., and then make more intimate services.

In contrast, physical stores are also transforming according to the needs of consumers, focusing on the places where products are displayed and served, so that consumers have a more comfortable experience. Therefore, there has been innovation in the layout of the store. In the new retail scene, through the theme elements of entertainment, art, humanities and other aspects, enrich the customer's experience and give consumers a humanized care.

Open the "virtual" and "real" swords to the consumer market

In the past few decades, in the past changes, the dominant position of the supply or channel in the market is impregnable, but now, China's large-scale manufacturing capabilities have been formed, and the right to speak has gradually shifted to the hands of consumers.

A new generation of consumers pay more attention to the shopping process experience, and hope to establish a trust relationship and intimacy with the brand and retailers, and the acceptance of marketing information on social media is also significantly more open and positive, so that products and services are provided. Businesses have more room to play on social media to increase the impact of consumer personality needs. This shows that the future of new retail will point to the buyer.

Gao Hongbing, dean of Alibaba Research Institute, believes that the upgrading of physical stores, the transformation of supply chains, and the emergence of service providers are the three main directions for promoting new retail development.

The main trend of physical store upgrades is not a simple combination of online and offline, but the integration of the large Internet platform system with the physical IT system of the physical store, becoming a high integration of the physical world and the digital world.

“Building a system of people, fields, goods, and warehouses, and opening up the account supply chain and commodity management system of the store and the platform, including the entire service system and data sharing.” Gao Hongbing said.

The degree of digitization began to penetrate the upstream of the industry. The new retail is closely related to the manufacturing side and the supply chain. Leaving the manufacturing revolution cannot constitute a change in the ecosystem. Based on Internet data, consumers' demands are quickly linked with the production of manufacturing, forming a new mode of manufacturing.

A large number of service providers who serve the merchants can help the market to further upgrade, which is a great impetus to promote this format. Gao Hongbing said that the end of the new retail development is not the single species, the innovation of a certain role in the market, but the innovation of the entire format, which is the result of multi-party collaboration.