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Our Company Was Rated As Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise General Manager Zhang Bing Won The Title Of 100 Best Employers
- Oct 09, 2018 -

      After nearly 8 months of screening and strict evaluation, on June 9, the second "Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise and Industrial Park" and "Top 100 Employers" selection of Zhongshan City was completed. Yang Wenlong, deputy mayor of Zhongshan City, editorial board of Nanfang Daily, Yao Yanyong, director of the Pearl River Delta Department of Information, and Xue Feiying, director of the Zhongshan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, presented awards to the winners.

      The selection activities were jointly organized by the Zhongshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Nanfang Daily News Department. Between 637 companies, 195 labor relations harmonious enterprises and 10 labor relations were selected. The harmonious industrial park and 100 “100 Best Employers”, Zhongshan Ten square Display Products Co., Ltd. and the famous, TCL, Agile, Changhong and other well-known enterprises together. At the award ceremony, as the representative of the top 100 employers, Zhang Bing, the general manager of our company, read out the proposal for building a harmonious labor-management relationship to the city's entrepreneurs, and accepted an interview with a reporter from Zhongshan TV.

      “100 Best Employers” is the “Conscience Award” among entrepreneurs in Zhongshan City, and is the “Good Boss Award” in the hearts of employees. For this honor, General Manager Zhang Bing said: "From the pursuit of fame and fortune, to the pursuit of dreams, to the responsibility of employees and society, to the achievement of your employees' dreams, is a sublimation and transformation of entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. You are looking forward to a good employee, and the staff is eager to meet a good boss. If you can't be a good entrepreneur, you can be a respected business owner. If this is an honor, I am proud of it. And take it, because this is the goal I am pursuing; if this is the responsibility, I will use this as a guide to spur myself to do better."