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Guo Xiaomei Won Tens Of Millions Of Investment Such As IDG “self-help Convenience Shelf” Aimed At Office Workers
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Guo Xiaomei’s slogan is “Office Self-Service Convenience Store”, which was established in Chengdu at the end of June. Its founder is the former general manager of Alibaba, and he is the general manager of Alibaba. Ren Mingyang, head of operations in China, and several senior industry professionals who have been immersed in retail and store for nearly a decade.

IDG Capital and Fengrui Capital, the founder of the eagle burdock, the founder and CEO of the hot electric field, Rossi and others, invested in the angel wheel of Guo Xiaomei at the end of June. One month later, IDG Capital invested in Pre A round. It is worth noting that despite the emergence of many startups in the unattended retail shelves for the past six months, investment institutions such as Yuanhao Capital, Zhenge Fund and Qiming Capital have participated in the investment, but IDG Capital’s continuous investment is small. Beauty, this is the first time that a first-line investment institution has appeared on this track.

At the moment when new retail and unmanned convenience stores are on the rise, the office's unmanned convenience cabinets are essentially small and micro-convenience stores. This form actually appeared sporadically in some domestic companies a few years ago, of course, the company is responsible for the administration. In 2015, Rosen, Japan, started an unmanned office convenience store business for corporate offices with more than 100 employees.

Guo Xiaomei believes that the self-service convenience shelf is designed to meet the needs of the office scene by placing the terminal compartment in front of the office white-collar tentacle. The reporter saw that on the self-service shelves of Guo Xiaomei, there were a variety of snacks such as potato chips, breakfast milk, cakes, biscuits, dried fruits, instant noodles, etc. Each product was labeled with a QR code. When the mobile phone scans the QR code, it will pop up the basic information and price of the product. Press the payment button to take the message through WeChat or Alipay. The background can also be analyzed through big data through its own logistics. Replenishment in time.

Guo Xiaomei told reporters that he hopes to create a "small beauty version" based on the "excellent single product" model through a sufficient number of self-service shelves, and eventually expand the limited scenes on the spot to more SKUs. Online stores with higher unit price and greater mobility. Guo Xiaomei believes that unmanned convenience stores that are similar to Xiaomei in the next three years will become the standard for every company because it has obvious advantages in improving employee happiness, expanding workplace benefits and reducing operating costs.

It is reported that since the operation for 2 months, Guo Xiaomei has expanded hundreds of outlets in Chengdu, and has already settled in the offices of Chengdu, Tencent, Alibaba, China Telecom, Focus Media, Weimeng, Changhong Jiahua and other companies. In the second half of the year, under the premise of quickly covering the Chengdu market, it is also considering entering Hangzhou, Beijing, Chongqing and other regions.

IDG Capital Director Lou Jun said that the new retail is one of the main focuses of IDG Capital, with a variety of modes and scenarios. "Office mini snacks, the sexiest place is to move some of the convenience store's category to the upstairs of the office building. This scene is closer to the user, because it is a scene of no one moving, the essence of the selection, operation, The demand for retail capacity such as the supply chain is also higher. In addition, Huikong is a very respected friend and former sealer. His past experiences and patterns are also very suitable for this matter."