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Golden Week Visited Four Beijing-based Department Stores Listed Companies
- Oct 08, 2018 -

In the face of the National Day Golden Week, "consumption downgrade" became a false proposition. In addition to traveling, shopping is also one of the important entertainment activities during the Golden Week. In the last long holiday of 2018, can the listed companies in the department store registered in Beijing benefit?

During the National Day, the "Securities Daily" reporter visited four Beijing department store listed companies according to the registered address. The reporter noted that although the addresses are similar and the commercial nature is the same, the traffic of the four companies has become significantly different.

4 Beijing department store listed companies

Passenger traffic is now differentiated

In the last two days of the Golden Week, the "Securities Daily" reporter visited four listed companies in Beijing. Some department store clerk told reporters that during the National Day holiday, the department store's passenger traffic increased significantly, and the number of people who went to the store also doubled compared with the previous weekend's figures. However, while the department store ushered in a consumer frenzy, the Securities Daily reporter also noticed that the traffic of the four companies was significantly different.

Taking the first business shares as an example, according to the statistics of the passengers and passengers seen by the “Securities Daily” reporter at the main entrance of Xidan Shopping Mall, the department store entered the number of 108 people from 14:00 to 14:30 on October 6. According to the reporter's calculation, in just 5 minutes, the number of people entering the main entrance of the mall reached 144.

Some staff inside the mall told reporters that during the "11" period, the number of people in the mall increased significantly, but the number was far less than the opposite of Joy City. The staff admitted that the usual shopping is also the opposite of Joy City, because of the big Yuecheng entertainment features more complete, you can "just stroll around the mall after eating."

Wangfujing, a subsidiary of Shanghai-listed company Wangfujing, is obviously more popular. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter at Wangfujing Department Store, the entrance to Wangfujing Street is roughly calculated, from 16:00 to 16:30 on October 6th. 628 people walked into Wangfujing Department Store.

Location and brand positioning or important reasons for Wangfujing Department Store traffic are higher than Xidan Mall's passenger traffic. On the one hand, Wangfujing Commercial Street has a daily passenger flow of one million during the holiday season, and its tourism attribute contributes part of the passenger flow to Wangfujing Shopping Center; on the other hand, after “90”, consumers tell “Securities Daily” Reporter, compared with Xidan shopping mall, it is more inclined to visit Wangfujing Department Store, because Wangfujing department store brand is more complete, "relative to Xidan shopping mall is still a little more tide."

In addition, the Securities Daily also noted that during the period from 12:00 to 12:30 on October 7th, 168 consumers entered the main entrance of the urban and rural shopping center in Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Adjacent Cuiwei Department Store A entered 271 customers in the afternoon from 1:00 to 1:30 pm.

Competing for "new battlefield"

Many companies increase children's projects

Compared with the number of differentiated shoppers, the bag-receiving rates of the four department store listed companies tend to be the same, generally concentrated at 20% to 30%.

Specifically, according to the crude statistics of the "Securities Daily" reporters, the number of consumers who walked out of Xidan Shopping Mall from 14:00 to 14:30 on October 6 was 229, of which 46 were carrying shopping bags. Calculated bagging rate was 20.09%; on October 6th, from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm, 465 people walked out of the main entrance of the mall, including 108 people carrying shopping bags, to calculate the bag rate of 23.23%; October 7 Between 12:00 and 12:30, 188 consumers walked out of the main entrance of the urban and rural shopping center, 40 of them carry shopping bags, which is calculated to be 21.28%; October 7th, 1:00 to 1:30 Within half an hour, 262 consumers walked out of the main entrance of Cuiwei Department Store, 78 of them held shopping bags, and the bag-loading rate was about 29.78%.

It is worth mentioning that on the weekend of mid-January this year, the "Securities Daily" reporter visited another urban and commercial international square in Beijing's urban and rural areas. According to the reporter's rough calculation, the bag-loading rate of the mall was about 27.56%.

For listed companies, the status quo of department stores is not satisfactory. In the 2018 semi-annual report disclosed earlier, the first-party shares pointed out that the department store is still in a downward channel, the operation adjustment speed is slower and the action is smaller, and the adjustment plan is not fast enough and solid, and it is necessary to change the situation with all efforts. Cuiwei also pointed out in the semi-annual report that the company is concerned that the operating data of the Beijing department store retail market is weaker than that of the foreign trade in the first half of the year. The downward pressure on the retail market has increased since the second quarter, and the uncertainty caused by changes in the external international environment and the domestic economic situation. The instability factor has increased.

In addition to the above factors, factors such as e-commerce shocks, the opening of new shopping malls, and other industries such as real estate in the department store industry are also putting pressure on listed companies in the department store industry.

According to the semi-annual report data of listed companies, the first-year shares of the first half of this year and Beijing's urban and rural business revenues fell year-on-year; Wangfujing's operating income growth slowed; Cuiwei's revenue growth from negative to positive year-on-year growth of 0.24%.

In the context of the transformation, the transformation has become a common topic in the department store industry. The announcement shows that many listed companies are actively deploying new formats such as shopping centers and outlets. In addition, the "Securities Daily" reporter also noted that the children's market has also become a "new battlefield" in the listed companies in the department store industry.

Wangfujing mentioned in the 2017 annual report that on December 23, 2017, the 257-year-old British Hamley Children's Entertainment Project, the world's largest single store, Hamres Beijing Wangfujing flagship store in Beijing Department Store Open, the store will become the most prominent and most distinctive main store of Wangfujing Department Store. The "Securities Daily" reporter noted that at present, there is a special location of the Hamleys store in the five-storey building of the Wangfujing Department Store South Hall. From the situation on October 6 this year, the Hamres store The atmosphere is also far more lively than the other stores in Wangfujing Department Store.

Cuiwei Department Store, located on Fuxing Road in Haidian District, is in the layout of the children's education market. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter noted that the Daji City, located on the 5th floor of Block B of Cuiwei Department Store, was opened at the end of September and was positioned as a comprehensive education base for children. The staff in the store’s store told the “Securities Daily” reporter that the fifth floor of the b-store of the mall was a food court. Some children in educational institutions told the Securities Daily that compared with other industries, the cost of children's educational institutions is actually relatively low. From the situation in the past two years, despite the upward tuition fees, the number of people participating in the study is still growing significantly.