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Digging Away 7-11 Management Jingdong’s Offline Dream Continues
- Oct 11, 2018 -

From light to heavy, Jingdong has to do direct offline stores.

According to the Beijing Business Daily, Jingdong has now set up a new team to carry out direct sales convenience store business, and Beijing 7-11 insiders provided information that Jingdong has dug five management personnel from Beijing 7-11. In this regard, JD.com responded that it will continue to adhere to the concept of unbounded retail to empower offline stores, and has not prepared for large-scale self-operated stores. However, "direct operation" is still the highlight of this Jingdong plus code convenience store.

7-11 has been deeply cultivating the convenience store business for decades, and has established a complete franchise management system and training system. This is the most missing part of the Jingdong convenience store that has been closed for more than a year.

In April 2017, Liu Qiangdong announced that in the next five years, JD will open more than 1 million Jingdong convenience stores nationwide, and half of them will open in rural areas. In April this year, JD.com updated its convenience store business, opening 1,000 stores a week, and said it would achieve the goal of opening 1,000 new JD convenience stores every day by the end of this year. The reason why there is such a "grand" plan is that the Jingdong convenience store adopts the franchise mode of the couples store, which is not directly operated, and this has become the main reason for trapping the Jingdong convenience store.

This business is also a constant twist. Du Shuang, who was initially responsible for the Jingdong Million Convenience Store program, left in July last year. In the past two months, many Jingdong convenience stores have closed down one after another. Why did Jingdong, who has been on the rise from the wind, start to play offline? Abandoning direct sales and moving to attract partners to try the light model has problems from the beginning.

According to the Changjiang Business Daily reported in April this year, Jingdong convenience store owners need to ensure that Jingdong treasurers purchase at least 50% of the store. On the one hand, the treasurer products are high-priced brand goods, not suitable for rural areas. On the other hand, Jingdong It really did not meet the convenience store's demand for all goods. According to the summary of the media-selling business school, Jingdong’s offline supply chain is weak, and it has not given the advantages of convenience store channels. Jingdong has no guarantee for the return of convenience stores. In addition, Jingdong’s training on franchise stores is insufficient and marketing means. Factors such as the inadequacy of the logistics and the difficulty in reducing the price of logistics have gradually gathered, which has caused the Jingdong convenience store to fall into the turmoil of the store.

The acquisition and joining can really help JD to expand the convenience store business in a short period of time, but the malpractices such as misplaced management cannot be ignored. In the promotion of the convenience store business, Liu Qiangdong did not continue to make a strong effort in the year, regardless of the loss of self-built logistics. According to 36 reports, the founder of Box Ma, Hou Yi, talked to the relevant person in charge during his performance in Jingdong. After the box horse prototype, but because of the heavy mode and slow return was put on hold.

Now, the light mode of the offline convenience store has not been opened. Jingdong still has to start from the heavy mode of the direct store. It is the beginning of the 7-11 management staff. With the talent reserve, we must improve the offline supply chain system. Reducing the price of logistics is an old problem to be solved by the experience of Jingdong convenience store. Of course, there are some new challenges in opening a direct-operated store. Rent, labor, and product development need to be tackled one by one. Although it is not a large-scale opening of the store, Jingdong’s offline direct-track road is also a start, and the problem of the solution will not be absent.