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Customized Display Is The Future Of Marketing Trends
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1. Just as 2017 years of new retail, it is to make it easier for consumers to shop, that is, take the walk, shopping occurs between the idea of conversion. The concept of the display frame also with this do not seek and and, a commodity display frame will be the performance of goods, unique points to show the audience. And these are the important factors to help consumers make the choice of buying, when we use the display to highlight these to consumers, we have to say that this is invisible to save time for it. It is not necessary to sift through the vast amount of commodity information, to facilitate consumers is the direction of future sales development.

2. Display stand is the offline interactive channel of consumer and commodity.

The interaction between the consumer and the customer is more than the interaction between the consumer and the product. Because all the merchandise information on the line is communicated through a third party--the seller. There is no direct contact between the consumer and the goods to be purchased. Live broadcast, commodity evaluation and so on are used by others, and as the real consumers and goods have no contact.

And the display is a line of interactive channel, the merchant put the product on the display shelf. At this point, the commodity is within reach of the consumer. Goods good, is not ta want, how to use the feeling ... This series of problems can be easily achieved. At the same time display the product innovation point, the use of methods, the application of the scene are clearly displayed in this custom display rack, the use of lighting, LCD video player, audio and other accessories to achieve different functions.

3. Customized display rack can meet the special needs of merchants.

For example, a range hood products need to design a display, businesses want to simulate the scene of the kitchen cooking for consumers to demonstrate the good performance of their products. According to the traditional idea, do we have to set up a kitchen in the store to show the performance of this range hood? Of course, you just need to design a special display rack for the product. It is OK to set aside the grooves on the display to discharge the smoke.