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China's New Retail New Business Environment Accelerates, Multi-faceted Flowering
- Nov 03, 2018 -


On November 1st, the 2018 Tencent Global Partner Conference on the theme of “opening and symbiosis”, including smart industry, content ecology and cutting-edge technology, was held at Nanjing Jiangsu Grand Theatre. China News Agency reporter Li Bo photo

The urban white-collar workers are late for work, and the “community chief” of the community will deliver the “package” of the meat and egg-drinks ordered and delivered to the home; the unsold machine covering an area of 1 square meter has free “mix and match” of food, standing medicine and daily necessities. Commodities, you can automatically deduct the goods after closing the goods, no need to place orders, enter the payment password... The new retail industry has issued a variety of new formats, "new species" appeared in Nanjing.

On the 2nd, at the Tencent Global Partner Conference held in Nanjing, many new retail companies participated in the exhibition, and their formats have been “associated” with the various aspects of the people's food, clothing, housing and transportation. The variety is varied and presents a multi-faceted “flowering” situation.

Traditional retail has encountered bottlenecks and online consumption has been heating up. According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, in 2017, the retail sales of supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores and specialty stores in the retail industry above designated size increased by 7.3%, 6.7%, 9.1% and 8.0% respectively over the previous year; 7.1751 trillion yuan, an increase of 32.2% over the previous year, and the growth rate accelerated by 6 percentage points.

The rapid changes in the appearance of the new retail industry: the rise of “new species” such as box horse fresh, super species, unmanned shelves, Tmall stores, and Suning stores.

In the exhibition hall, Wu Hao, a staff member of Zhejiang Gejia Network Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that there is also a business in the community, “Blue Ocean”. The “community music” developed by them is operated by “community + community + social”, and the local fresh vegetables are directly produced. The ingredients are sent to the residents' homes by the “community of the community” every day.

Wu Hao said that “community music” was welcomed by white-collar workers with busy work and has already landed in many medium and high-end residential areas in Hangzhou. At present, they have recruited more than 100 “Chengchang” candidates in Nanjing, which will be rapidly deployed in the Yangtze River Delta cities.

The "cabinet master" wants to sell it at any time and can be inserted into the "mix and match". The unmanned "small yellow cabinet" of one person in the exhibition hall attracts the attention of the merchants. Wang Ha, a staff member of “Haha Zero Beast”, said that traditional unmanned vending machines are mostly mechanical, selling only drinks and snacks. The small yellow cabinet “what is sold at the moment” is decided by the “cabinet master”. Each floor of the container is equipped with AI visual identification equipment, which can be automatically deducted after the customer picks up the goods.

Through the platform, the quantity, type and dynamics of the products in more than 30,000 small yellow cabinets in Shenzhen and Wuhan can be “out of sight”. The system can also analyze the best-selling FMCG products, Top10 in different regions, and consumer preferences.

Some new businesses have been spawned due to the outbreak of retail formats. “The company has developed hundreds of cooperative customers in the past two years, and traditional retail enterprises account for the majority.” Yang Guiding, Marketing Manager of Hangzhou Guanshu Information Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that they are dedicated to data analysis, mining and utilization for retailers, traditional enterprises. The demand for smart retail is strong and the transformation is urgent. Take a Fortune 500 retail company as an example. In the past, forecasting the sales of Chinese products must be reported by the regional managers from the bottom up to the next level. Now, after docking the data, adding weather, holidays and other reference data, the system can accurately predict the next Product sales for the month are given for replenishment and supply chain adjustment.

In the new retail “new battlefield”, traditional merchants such as department stores, shopping malls, brand supermarkets, convenience stores, and even husband and wife shops are eagerly transforming, with artificial intelligence, big data and other changes to showcase the new look of the retail industry.

Wang Jianfeng, vice president of the New Business Group of Nanjing Central Shopping Mall Group, told reporters that when the Central Shopping Mall was established in 1936, the checkout was to use abacus and bookkeeping, and the old ticket was caught in the sky; now, their digital shopping malls can be intelligently cashier, invoiced, returned. goods. Each counter on each floor of the digital shopping mall can be displayed on the mobile phone. Next year, they are going to launch 200 "Miss Sisters", like "Net Red" to broadcast the goods that customers are interested in. Within 5 km, they will be delivered to the home by express delivery brother 29 minutes.