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Amazon Plans To Rapidly Spread 3,000 Unmanned Stores Amazon Go,Our Opportunity?
- Sep 20, 2018 -

According to Bloomberg News, Amazon is planning to add more than 3,000 Amazon Go unmanned stores in the next few years, and this expansion will directly threaten convenience stores such as 711.

According to sources, Bezos believes that the best way to reshape a physical store is to find ways to eliminate the crowded meal and sell it at a convenience store, just like 711 and Britain's Pret a Manger.

However, Amazon declined to comment on this plan. In early September, Amazon announced that it will soon set up an unmanned convenience store in New York to accelerate its expansion beyond the Seattle headquarters.

At present, Amazon Go has three matures. There are no cashiers in the Amazon Go store, and customers enter the store via the mobile app scan code. During the shopping process, the camera and sensor track them and identify what is picked up from the shelf. After the customer leaves, Amazon will automatically deduct the credit card from the customer, instead of having to scan the barcode for manual payment in most domestic convenience stores.

Amazon is eager to promote the concept of unsold Amazon Go to more cities. It is understood that in addition to New York, Amazon also plans to open unmanned convenience stores in San Francisco and Chicago.

Regarding the cost of unattended convenience stores, according to a person familiar with the matter, the Amazon Go store in downtown Seattle requires more than $1 million in hardware.


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