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Alibaba's New Generation Of Unmanned Supermarkets Will Soon Be Online
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Ali exhibited the 2.0 version of the unmanned convenience store "Tmall Future Store" for the first time at the Yunqi Conference held in Hangzhou. Jin Cheng, head of Ali's Tmall IoT, said that the large-scale commercialization of "Tmall Future Store" may take another year.


         In 2017, Ali launched the unmanned retail concept store “Amoy Coffee” in Hangzhou, not only a coffee restaurant, but also a convenience store that is unrecognized. It has been able to achieve cashless, cashless payment, take-out, etc. Intelligent consumption scenarios.


         The "Tmall Future Store" is technically an upgraded version of 2.0. The reporter saw that Tmall's future store displayed a variety of food and beverages and snacks, no need to line up, no cashier, settlement without scanning code. Entering the store, Tmall's global tracking technology will capture consumer behavior. Consumers can quickly find the products they want under the guidance of the “T-guide” shopping guide. After the purchase, they will automatically settle and realize “get it right away”. 

On the 20th, Jincheng introduced to the China News Agency reporter the innovative technology operated by this unmanned convenience store: when customers enter the convenience store, they no longer need to face recognition, but through the whole store's global tracking, when the user purchases, the settlement The channel can identify the user, the user can leave the field directly; the shelf has also been digitally transformed, the IPS price tag screen shows the cost and the quantity of the product dynamics, automatically telling the customer marketing activities and item discount information; before leaving the store, the consumer You can review your entire purchase process in the store through the “Time Machine” in the store. The screen displays the products purchased by the customer, the discount notice, and the browsing route in the store.


        Jin Cheng said that the new generation of unmanned convenience stores built a "store brain" - B-box, which can provide merchants with drainage, shopping guide, promotion, settlement, commodity / inventory management, physical store management decisions, etc. Depth-learning technology and algorithms are driven to store, store, and store physical stores, goods, and stores.


        This 80 square meter experience store can be purchased for 20 consumers each time. It is understood that on the first day of the Yunqi Conference, more than 500 consumers came to experience in five hours.


        According to Jin Cheng, this technology of Tmall Future Store will be able to create more businesses. Next year, we can cooperate with merchants and provide differentiated solutions for different industries.