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Accelerated Shuffling In Shanghai Hypermarkets Can Costco Enter China To Stir Up Retail Patterns
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Recently, the news that South Korea's New World Group's supermarket brand E-Commerce has withdrawn from the Chinese market has attracted widespread attention. As of September 12, the last easy-to-buy Ruihong store officially closed, and it is a fact that E-mart has exited the Chinese market. However, it is worth noting that foreign supermarkets do not seem to have much influence on the domestic market. On September 22, CP Lotus returned strongly, and four easy-to-buy stores in Shanghai changed their name to “Bee Lotus”. Open.


With the changes in citizens' shopping methods and the improvement of living standards, more foreign-funded supermarket brands have begun to enter China in different ways. Among them, the most concerned ones will be the opening of the first mainland store in Shanghai.


CP bee lotus pick-up is easy to buy


E-mart is the first Korean retail brand to enter the Chinese market and has a history of 20 years. Earlier, some media reported that since 2011, due to poor business conditions, E-Buy has sold or closed stores. On September 12 this year, the last store in Shanghai, Yiyi Ruihong Store was officially closed.


At the same time, CP Lotus has officially announced that it will acquire Shanghai E-Mart Supermarket Co., Ltd. On September 22, E-Commerce Rui Hong Store changed its name and opened its doors again.


The reporter went to the store and found that although the "E-mart" brand was still hanged at the door, he found that the store staff had changed their work clothes with the "Bee Lotus" logo according to the nature of their work. The relevant person in charge of the store said that due to the reopening of the time, in addition to the replacement of the staff's overalls, the signs and trademarks inside the store were still hung with the previously easy to buy signs. However, it will speed up the pace of replacement. "The display and price of goods will be replaced in the form of a bee lotus. It is expected to be completed after the National Day."


Old people become entities in the market


Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found in the Lotus Rainbow Rainbow Store that even on a rainy day, there are still many residents living nearby to pick up the goods. Aunt Wang bowed his head to organize the vegetables in his shopping cart. The edible oil and rice were also neatly placed aside. When the reporter asked why there were so many vegetables, Wang Ayi smiled and said: "I live in Next to the community, I bought vegetables in the afternoon to prepare dinner, and found that the price of vegetables was a few cents cheaper, so I bought more."


The reporter saw at the scene that although the citizens who come to shop are not in a minority, but the elderly group is the main one, a staff member in charge of the fresh area told the reporter that most of the commodity prices are the same after the CP Lotus Lotus is easy to buy. There was no big difference before. "Because the suppliers are similar, it is impossible to make big changes in the price." But compared to the previous easy-to-buy, the price of the raw area of the lotus bee lotus is even lower, "simply say Because we avoid many middlemen's links, so many customers like to come here to buy food, especially the elderly. In fact, there are no such claims as young people and older people. It is only possible that the elderly have more time to visit. At the store, young people may prefer to use their mobile phones."


E-commerce fosters online retail market


Whether the elderly group prefers physical stores or young people prefer online shopping, in fact, with the change of citizens' shopping methods and the improvement of living standards, more diversified shopping methods have begun to penetrate into the lives of citizens.


Recently, the news that Costco, the second largest retailer in the US, will open its first physical store in Shanghai has sparked heated discussions. It is understood that in more than 40 years, Costco has expanded from the United States to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Japan, and has opened more than 700 chain warehouse physical supermarkets worldwide. However, in China, Costco, which has always relied on physical stores, appeared for the first time in the form of cross-border e-commerce. After 15 years of research, Costco spent five months opening a flagship store in Tmall International. The reporter found in the Costco Tmall flagship store that the monthly sales of nut foods can reach more than 3,000 pieces. In addition, biscuits, vitamins and other commodities are also favored by consumers.


According to industry insiders, with the rise of emerging models such as cross-border e-commerce, even before this, few domestic consumers knew about Cost-co, but as more and more consumers became accustomed to online shopping, Costco's brand Can also be deeply rooted in the way through online shopping.


Retailers explore online and offline integration


It is reported that when Costco Tmall's first flagship store handed over a beautiful transcript, it is reported that this month, Costco will open a second official flagship store in Tmall. In this regard, industry insiders said that Costco has been steadily preparing for offline stores, but imported goods have to go through the big trade process, which takes a long time and complicated procedures, plus the location of the shop, and the time cost of decoration and decoration, Costco It takes at least two years for physical stores to open in Shanghai.


In addition to Costco, the reporter found that even though the offline stores have all withdrawn from the Chinese market, Yishang still has a certain popularity in Tmall's flagship store, and the daily necessities are more popular with consumers. Reporter: "I think it is more convenient to go online than to go to the physical store. Anyway, the goods are similar."


The reporter found that the first batch of large supermarkets (Carrefour, Metro) entered Shanghai in 1995, and the large supermarkets of more than 5,000 square meters expanded rapidly. From 2000 to 2010, it was the peak period of Shanghai hypermarket expansion, until 2011. The format of large supermarkets is gradually aging and saturated. As of July this year, in the past 23 years, a total of 65 large supermarkets in Shanghai have closed down, and 23% of large supermarket stores have been closed. If only large supermarkets opened before 2011 are counted, the business suspension rate will exceed one-third.


In this regard, some insiders said that many foreign-brand supermarkets will choose to enter the Chinese market first through cross-border e-commerce. Several well-known hypermarkets such as Carrefour and RT-Mart also have online apps. The diversified business model is mainly because consumers now have more choices and freedoms when shopping, online shopping or physical stores, they can make a variety of choices according to their own needs, therefore, retail Businesses need to respond faster to meet the needs of consumers through different devices at any time. In addition, with the rise of new retail formats in recent years, like the box horse fresh, this innovative retail format hatched by Ali is also recognized by consumers. Perhaps in the near future, retailers will explore emerging industries such as online and offline integration. Business.

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