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2018 China Retail Conference Will Be Held
- Oct 29, 2018 -

If the retail industry is also an arena, then in the past year, in addition to many new concepts that have frequently appeared in the media, it is a time when various "records" are constantly being refreshed.

Not long ago, the legendary store that announced the re-financing broke through 100 at the same time; the clock went back for two months, and the Yonghui Supermarket, a listed company in the retail sector, ushered in its 1000th store in Zhongguancun, Beijing; Earlier in 2017, the “Mei Yi Jia”, known as the king of Chinese convenience stores, opened its first 10,000 stores in a low-key manner.

These three companies are not in the same order of magnitude and do not belong to the same market segment. However, over the past year, they have crossed the milestone of their own development and moved to the next new world. Behind their figures, it is actually the process of China's entire retail industry from small to large, from weak to strong, from single to diverse, from 1 to 100. For the retail industry, the most intuitive growth and achievements are naturally to open more stores to reach out and serve more consumers. However, behind the opening of the store is not the number is so simple, only the people in it, know that from the door to welcome customers to the lights out of the store, day after day, year after year, all the ups and downs.

In the past 40 years of China's reform and opening up, China's economy has grown at a high speed, and China's retail industry has also developed at a rapid pace, allowing consumers to move from the most basic to the richer and more consumer choices; from the white line of the first line to the small line of the six lines. Young people in the town can choose their favorite lifestyle. This is an unquestionable achievement. Behind the string of numbers left behind by the retail industry is the sweat, tears, and hard work of this generation of retailers. Don't be shy about the past, we have reason to pay tribute to the footprints that have passed, because that is the youth of a whole generation of retailers.

However, when you have a successful career, your family is big and big; when you have been able to face the changes and laughter, and mature and calmly mobilize thousands of employees to open up the territory, do you still remember that young people have just entered retail What is the business time? Perhaps you never thought that there will be today's achievements, but at that time you must not refuse, full of enthusiasm and dreams, to see the bigger world.

Retail is the most plain industry in the business world. The so-called simplicity, a husband and wife filed out 100,000 pieces of the opening and selling department, said to the big, it is also considered retail. This is not a joke, otherwise how can there be a plan for the giant to collect a million husband and wife shop? The so-called simplicity is easy to learn and difficult. Every change is coming. It seems that in the eyes of cross-border people, the retail industry is supposed to be the object of change. When the e-commerce boom comes, wisdom is like Ma Yun, and once bet the retail sales will be more than half of the casualties; the digital wave, the most intuitive effect is that the camera is loaded more and more; facing the high cost of renting labor, no one retail This solution to kill the enemy one thousand damages was once regarded as the savior of the retail industry.....

People need to return to their original heart, and business also needs to trace the source. The collision of all current concepts is essentially a collision between online traffic thinking and offline service (experience) thinking. In the midst of many new concepts, "the squandering of flowers and fascinating eyes," is the nature and basic skills of the retail industry weakened in the process of exploration? There is no good selection, channel screening function can not talk about; no good experience, the offline store lost the meaning of independent existence; there is no temperature service, it is really better to hire a robot to go shopping.

Traffic is the baton of first- and second-line consumption upgrades, but on the other hand, the opposite side of traffic has the same value. The retail industry can't ignore the change in traffic, but it can't be traffic-only. Just like the director of the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, Liang Liang pointed out: On the one hand, the monopoly advantage of the giants in terms of traffic is becoming more and more obvious. On the other hand, “the space is divided by the store or the pre-position, and the retail The industry is more economical and reasonable. This upgrade of traffic management will weaken the monopoly of online giants on traffic, and at the same time provide new opportunities for online offline traffic on physical retail," said Liang Liang.

Under this circumstance, the Chinese retail industry needs to unify its thinking and set aside the fog to see the essence. The key is the basis of this kind of cognition. It should be the combination of history and reality. It can't be arrogant, can't see the achievements of the past, and can't hide the bells and ignore the problem. It should be online digital technology and offline scenes. The combination of thinking. Without digital advancement, China's retail industry is unlikely to have a future, but it is also a source of waterlessness from the scene to talk about the so-called new retail.

With the emergence of downward pressure on the economy, many people think that the winter of China's retail industry is coming, but the author wants to say that the new exciting of China's retail industry has only just begun. There is no eternal rapid development, the economic cycle will fluctuate, but the key is people's inner heart, is it winter or spring? As Churchill said, pessimists see difficulties from every opportunity, and optimists see opportunities from every difficulty.

It is undeniable that the current Chinese retail industry faces more complex internal and external environmental challenges. These changes in the economic environment are directly transmitted to the retail industry, and higher requirements are placed on the vision, management capabilities, and ability to grasp the pace of development of the retail industry. On the other hand, a new generation of consumers has different ideologies and ways of life and entertainment than their parents. Only by listening can they understand, not give everything to the system. After all, they represent the future of consumer trends. In a word, "The retail industry needs to re-examine its own development from a sociological perspective." If retailers can foresee the Chinese society in the next three to five years, then it will not be upgraded or downgraded. And bothered.

Foreseeing the future is an enviable ability, but it is not an option. A person with such ability, he should not simply be a businessman in the retail industry, making money is only one of the results, not the whole purpose. He should have more ambitious goals, dare to mobilize resources, create opportunities for his own goals, dare to try, explore new models, and not evade the responsibility that society gives him and the company. Such people are called "entrepreneurs" by society. The development of China's retail industry has created countless outstanding retail entrepreneurs. If you also dream of being such a person, or if you want to know someone like this, how can you foresee the future and start a career, you may come to Kunming from November 1st to November 3rd to participate in the 2018 year-end feast of the retail industry. - China's full retail conference.

The China Retail Conference was hosted by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association. Since its establishment 20 years ago, the China Chain Store & Franchise Association has been the forefront of the industry, the frontier of platforms and ideas. In 2018, due to the uncertainty of the external environment, the Chinese retail industry is facing new challenges. To this end, the theme of this year's full retail conference is set to “renew the passion and gather together and start again”. The conference will sort out and summarize the development of the chain retail industry in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, and conduct in-depth discussions on the current external environment and internal risks of the industry to explore the path for the future development of the industry. In 2018, it is also the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. During the conference, it will award the 40-year chain of reform and opening up, the Golden Peony Award, the Retail Innovation Award, the employee favorite company, the gold medal manager and the industry skill talent show, retail star. Contests, corporate university awards and many other awards. Participants also have free access to the interactive activities held at the 20th China Retail Expo and on-site.