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Why Are Acrylic Makeup Display Stands So Attractive For Customers?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

At present, more and more cosmetic shops begin to use the acrylic display rack to show their products, so why does the acrylic display rack attract the attention of consumers so much?


1. high-quality acrylic material

The acrylic material has the advantages of both plastic and glass, but it also has the features neither of them. It is safe and environmentally friendly. which can screen various publicity patterns, such as LOGO, company contact information, etc.,and to increase the publicity effect.


2. good looking

Acrylic cosmetics display rackcan be made into different shapes with different techniques. When designing, you can add some brand words, LOGO and product efficacy introduction to the prominent place of the display rack. The appearance is beautiful and it can quickly attract customers' attention, which can promote sales.

When using cosmetic stand to display products,  choose lamplight is also very important, Here i suggest everybody chooses a few bright light to fasten, can make product and exhibition frame look more attractive.