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The methods and standards for the selection of display racks in various industries
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1 wooden display frame, wooden paint display frame is the most commonly used display in modern shopping malls, this kind of display racks generally for customization, according to the design needs to produce a variety of specifications, style display, the style is extremely rich.

When you choose to pay attention to solid wood display and paint display, solid wood display common plywood set fire board with a fire-proof function but the surface is slightly rough; the paint-type display frame is a MDF with a light paint baking system and into the appearance of exquisite display of its high-grade.

2 Titanium Alloy Display frame is composed of three parts: Titanium alloy frame, melamine plate, glass and other parts.

Titanium Alloy Materials: Titanium alloy, also known as aluminum alloy, mainly made of aluminum materials, the appearance of imitation titanium alloy color processing. The titanium alloy display frame uses the glass to divide into three kinds, the tempered glass, the automobile grade glass, the float glass, the tempered glass safety high this display frame usually places the heavy product glass not to be broken easily.

Car-grade glass transparency is suitable for a number of lighter products such as: digital products, jewelry, business Hall, S4 shop and other industries to use.

3 Plexiglass display frame is the use of plexiglass through hot pressing, mosaic, vertical grinding, break mill, hot simmer, bonded and other methods of processing for the display of goods, a high degree of transparency. Plexiglass is the most excellent polymer transparent material, light transmittance, high transmittance than glass.

The display frame of acrylic material has excellent insulating property and moistureproof, suitable for some humid places to install, can show some lighter small commodities such as: small electrical appliances, digital, MP3 and so on, acrylic sheet also has advantages and disadvantages, in the current domestic plate market, there is a low price, low quality acrylic plate easily deformed, Surface treatment of uneven and other differences.