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The effect of acrylic cosmetics display frame on sales
- Mar 19, 2018 -

One, enthusiastic and unrestrained cosmetics display rack (cabinet)

Enthusiastic and unrestrained style brought by the hot air can quickly stimulate the hearts of consumers the most initial excitement, all the heart beat, heartily acquitted, undisguised enthusiasm to leave a very deep image.

Second, elegant luxury cosmetics display rack (cabinet)

Elegant and luxurious style supported by the atmosphere and generosity to make products show dignity and charm, and elegant style so that products in the display of the king of the outside also reflects the elegant quality of the connotation.

Third, fashion Avantgarde cosmetics display Rack (cabinet)

Fashion Avantgarde style of the forefront of the transmission of fashion information to make the eye tremor, standing in the meantime, it seems that through the space-time tunnel, comfortable dripping to understand the feelings of the same, encourage consumers to actively seek the echo of the heart.

Four, natural concise type cosmetics display rack (cabinet)

Natural concise style as if let the consumer exposure in the great natural beauty of fresh, feel the natural bring the simple and leisurely, wash away the fatigue and homework troubles, extremely comfortable.