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Is it necessary to customize mobile phone display?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

In order to match the mobile phone store display style, mobile phone display shelf more to the table-type display, and the cell phone this product itself is relatively small, the display does not need much space; consumers focus on the mobile phone this product performance, configuration, the use of a sense. This series of characteristics, so that brand manufacturers feel that the design of a mobile phone display is not necessary? But is that really the case?

One, customized mobile phone display rack more fitting products, but also more fitting brand.

As the mobile phone at different prices, the general public models, young people love the personality, business high-end machines and so on. Since the product has different positioning, how to show to consumers? Mobile phone stores sell a range of products ranging from 699 to 4999 of mobile phones, the number of mobile phone brands on the market, the number of mobile stores, when you need a custom display to stand out.

The selling point of mobile phones is not only in configuration and performance, but also in appearance. Each brand's mobile phone appearance has its own distinctive characteristics, in the value of the era of justice, mobile phone shell design is beautiful is the first step of consumer buying judgment.

Second, mobile phone display to help consumers show their beauty.

Mobile display racks and ordinary display racks are not the same place, reduce the display of mobile phone features, more emphasis on the attractiveness of the value of appearance. Display stand not only to show the appearance of mobile phone design features, but also to meet the overall positioning of the product, more importantly, to create a unique brand image. and mobile phone stores also play the role of offline experience shop, so, mobile phone display more attention.

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