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I should choose a few sides of the display rack more appropriate?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Display of the number of planes have a wide range of options, single-sided, double-sided, three sides, four. According to your different needs to make specific choices, in general, a single-sided display frame is suitable for use on a wall, or a small counter (such as a cosmetic display), because one side display is designed to focus most of the cost and focus on the front, that is to show to the consumer, The back design is very ordinary and even a little rough.

And the two-sided display, as the name implies that it is useful to display two of products. The idea of such a display frame is roughly two types: first, the front and back two faces are exactly the same, for example, like the display of the door of shopping malls, both to show the door to the customer and can show to the outside customers. Another way of thinking is to make the display frame is very transparent, such a display frame does not need backplane, once you can see from the left can be seen right.

The three-side, four-dimensional display can be grouped into a class, because the choice of these display frame is to display a full range of products, 360° angle can be divided into countless ways. These display racks are not suitable to put in the corner, they are born to attract the attention of consumers, combined with its powerful display function, no one in the choice of display racks do not want them.