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How to design a clothing display cabinet
- Sep 26, 2018 -

The clothing showcase is a household appliance that everyone is very familiar with. In our daily life, the clothing showcase is one of the practical large furniture that we can't live without. So I believe that everyone knows more about the clothing showcase, then do you know how to use the internal structure design of the big clothing showcase?

Overall clothing showcase purchase

The erected suspension is the most space-saving design in the design of the garment showcase. The coat-type clothing requires a long hanging space and can be used as a separate section. Tops and shorts can be divided into upper and lower sections, the tops are hung on tops, and the trousers skirts are hung underneath. This design can also match the clothes in order, which saves a lot of daily matching. Time and energy. The remaining space in the coat suspension can also be put on some shoes and storage boxes, with partitions and drawers on the side, sweaters can be neatly stacked inside, and underwear and warm clothing can be placed in the drawer.

Clothing showcase space

If your clothing showcase is wide enough, you can consider the above-mentioned clothing showcase design, the left coat section, the right side is divided into two parts hanging tops and bottoms, and the middle part is equipped with some partitions for shirts or sweaters that are not easy to wrinkle. Clean shoes are placed underneath. The top of the clothing showcase is packed with bags and sundries. Don't forget that the door that was mentioned in front of Xiaobian can also be hung. You can also install a whole mirror. Open this kind of clothing showcase every day, is it very happy?

Clothing showcase design

Put a few hanging hooks on the door, hang the bags that are often carried on the door, don't throw them into the cabinet, and the soft clothes can squeeze a lot of space for them. Put a splint under the hanging coat, put some storage baskets, and classify the clothes reasonably and generously. The underwear is a separate frame, and the shirts that usually make the bottom are put together. Don’t mix all the clothes together. When you get crazy about your clothes in the morning and delay your working hours, you know that it’s really bad to mix together. Under the partitions, shoes can be stored, and those shoes that are not this season are placed in the shoe box. The shoes that are usually worn are placed outside, and the extra space can be put on boots or rain boots.

Overall clothing showcase purchase

The use of adjustable partitions, the partitions in the garment showcase can often enhance the agility of the furniture, and bring more maneuverability to the induction. This removable splint is easy to clean, eliminating the hassle of standing in a chair to clean the garment showcase, and easy to remove and wash without burden.

Clothing showcase space

When it comes to shoe cabinets, most people think about shoe box storage or layer-by-layer shelving, but for boots, this kind of storage is too wrong, especially if the good quality shoes are curled up for a long time. Therefore, hanging shoe cabinets are still necessary. In this way, the shoes can be ventilated, and it is easy to keep the shoes. To a certain extent, it can save money. The life of the boots is no longer a season change. To some extent, the money spent on the boots can be used to purchase clothes.