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how to custom made cosmetic display cabinet ?
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Custom cosmetics showcases, purchase of finished cosmetics showcases, woodworking custom cosmetics showcases are currently the three most common cosmetics showcase ordering models in the home improvement market. Consumers need to pay attention to the differences between the three when purchasing cosmetic display cabinets, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, and decide to purchase according to each person's aesthetic tastes and preferences.

Whole cosmetics display purchase

1. Finished cosmetics display

Manufacturers manufacture cosmetics showcases, buy them in the building materials market, home stores, brand stores, etc. Brand cosmetics products manufacturers showcase finished products, materials, workmanship, environmental protection, etc. are more reliable, but there are many styles and styles, and the choice is rich, that is, purchase and installation, without waiting for a long time.

However, the finished cosmetics display cabinet may not be the perfect combination of home decoration style; at the same time, the size of the finished cosmetics showcase is fixed and cannot be perfectly combined with the room space, such as the cosmetics showcase can not be used as a roof, resulting in wasted space, daily cleaning troubles, etc. .

In addition, the internal structure of the finished cosmetics showcase is fixed, and it is not able to create characteristics for consumers, the products are personalized, and the degree of humanization is not high.

2. The entire cosmetics display

Also known as custom cosmetics showcases, into the cosmetics display wall, Closet, etc., is a customized cosmetics showcase manufacturer customized products according to consumer needs. The company's overall cosmetics display brand products are guaranteed in materials, workmanship and environmental protection.

The overall cosmetics showcase is generally composed of showcase doors and showcases. Consumers can choose the door that matches the door according to the style of home decoration; the interior of the showcase can also choose the structure according to their own habits. At the same time, the overall cosmetics showcase can be customized according to the actual size of the living space to achieve the perfect use of the room space effect.

When purchasing the entire cosmetics showcase, it is generally up to the brand's designer door size to make an order in the design communication and send the order to production. At present, the delivery time of the industry is not balanced. From more than ten days to more than twenty days, consumers need to wait for a long time. In addition, the overall price of the cosmetics showcase is relatively high.

3 woodworking cosmetics display

Woodworking Cosmetics Showcase is a decorative company woodworking decoration according to the owner's request for the owner's hand-painted cosmetics showcase. Woodworking cosmetics showcases are more convenient, cheaper, and tailored to make the use of space greatly increased. However, the lack of professional woodworking equipment, the material can not be guaranteed, the whole process depends entirely on the author's experience and ability, quality and aesthetics can not be guaranteed.

If the woodworker does not have a professional edge banding, it is generally used to seal the edge or not, and the sealing and maturity will be poor. At the same time, the use of glue and paint in the production process can easily lead to the discharge of a large number of harmful chemicals. In addition, the woodworking cosmetics showcase does not require service, and the cosmetics showcase is unrepaired during use.

In the traditional cosmetics showcase market, finished cosmetics showcases and woodworking cosmetics showcases are the main choices for consumers. However, in recent years, more and more consumers have begun to choose the overall cosmetics showcase. At the same time, the industry has also seen the choice of consumers of some well-known brands.