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Creative advertising design for electric motorcycle stores
- Sep 18, 2018 -

In the past two or three years, the concept of “display” in the terminal stores of the electric vehicle industry has grown from scratch. Major electric vehicle brands are also keen to learn from the apparel industry and develop various terminal store display standards. However, at the dealer level, the effect is greatly reduced. The reason is that the dealer has only a vague concept for the display, and even some dealers have vulgarly understood that the display is how the car is placed. Most dealers don't have the system concept displayed. They look at the models in the store, and the store follows them. The store uses props, and the store uses them. In short, it is unclear. The entire industry seems to be doing display, but what exactly is the display? Few people have a clear idea. Only by truly understanding the concept of display, can it be used to display sales and promote sales when it is displayed.

What is exhibition?

We combine the electric vehicle industry with a definition:

The display is a marketing act that displays various types of vehicles in a store according to specific rules, thereby facilitating customers to browse and purchase, and completing the sales intention of a certain store.

The core three keywords of the exhibition: display, convenience, marketing



The display is at the heart of the exhibition.

The display should fully display the beauty of the model. If the car's streamline beauty shows the streamline to the customer, if the car's lamps are uniquely displayed to the customer, if the tail of the car is special, the tail will be highlighted to the customer. Show the most beautiful parts of the model to the consumer so that the customer can be attracted at first sight.

The display should fully display the selling point of the model. The selling point is that the music of the Bluetooth stereo should be released when the model is displayed. The selling point is that the model of the lighting should let the customer see the actual lighting status of the model.....we need to show the model through various methods. The selling point. Allow customers to intuitively experience or experience the selling point of the model.

The display must not show the "dust" of the car body, no matter how good the display is, the dust will make the display effect go to waste. Details such as hygiene are also an important part of the display.



The dealer is standing at his own angle when carrying out the vehicle display. How to display it is convenient. The display must be from the perspective of the customer. The display of the vehicle should be convenient for the consumer, not for the convenience of the operator.

Easy to visit

The distance between the store and the store must be at least two people can pass in parallel, at least one person can pass the style and style. Ample and spacious distance allows customers to see every car without any scruples.

Convenient for customers to understand

Customer purchase is based on the understanding of product information. There are two ways for customers to understand product information. One is the explanation of the shopping guide, and the other is the display of material information, such as POP. The material props are used in the exhibition, and the vehicle information can be visually displayed to the customer, so that the customer can understand the model information.

Convenient customer experience

Only when the customer participates in the experience will they believe in the value of the product mentioned in the shopping guide. The sufficient distance between the car and the car can be easily experienced by the customer. At least one assembled battery is guaranteed for each model, reducing customer experience waiting time. The display is to reduce the trouble of the customer experience from the perspective of the customer.

Convenient for customers to choose

Most customers will have "selection disorders" when they choose, that is, give customers too many choices, and customers do not know how to choose. When the model is displayed, the number of colors cannot exceed three, which reduces the customer's decision time and reduces the difficulty of customer selection. For the analysis of the color of the sample, click to read: "To choose more customers does not mean the greater the probability of the transaction"



A good display allows the product to speak. The display must be completed with a certain sales intention. The final value of the display is to assist the store.

Display position

There is an inevitable connection between the display position of the store and the sales volume of the model. The display position should be combined with the positioning of the vehicle. The main push of the model is still to be slow-selling, etc., and their display positions must be separated. The core principle of the display position is that the high-quality area of the store must be used to display the company image model, the main cart type.

Display partition

According to the positioning of the product positioning store, the division allows the customer to clearly perceive the positioning of each model and lay a foundation for the customer to accept the "expensive" model. The display partition can also bring convenience to the introduction of the shopping guide and also facilitate customer selection.

"explosive" atmosphere

The item is made into a hot-selling atmosphere, which we call the “explosive” atmosphere. The “explosive money” atmosphere gives customers a feeling of selling a single item, and uses the customer's herd mentality to help their decision-making promote the sales of single items. Explosive models have more than 5 sets of samples, which help display materials and props, giving customers a strong visual impact and attracting customers' attention. When the key models are displayed, they should use the explosive atmosphere to increase the price and sales volume.

Display is an art and a technology. The promotion of exhibitions requires us to constantly explore, solidify and form standards in daily operations. As an electric vehicle operator, you must understand the display, display, and display. Good display makes your terminal operations more competitive, more attractive to customers, and more efficient in dealing with customers.