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Advantages of plexiglass display frame
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Plexiglass is a kind of plastic, not real glass. The industry is often called PMMA, or acrylic/Agari. Some people used to call acrylic, some people used to call PMMA, in fact, is a kind of thing. Acrylic has a wear-resistant, stable chemical properties, easy processing, good color, such as a series of advantages, often used to make building materials, cleaning utensils, in the commercial display also has a place.

1. Plexiglass Display frame production range is very large.

Can be used to make a single set of display frame combination, can also be combined with other materials, such as metal iron, aluminum, stainless steel or man-made wood, bamboo, wood and so on. This kind of hundred-lap features make it a showcase market hot material. But relative to the metal and wood, the same thickness of plexiglass is less load-bearing than the above two kinds. So the organic glass display shelves need to take into account its load-bearing, plexiglass production of the overall type of display racks often cosmetics display and electronic products display racks, used in large display racks are as accessories exist. (Of course, do not rule out the use of plexiglass production of large display racks, display some lightweight footwear, accessories, etc.)

2. Plexiglass production display frame selection range is very large.

It has a pure color board, translucent plate, transparent board, matte plate, metal effect plate, guide plate and so on. In addition to its own wide choice of space, plexiglass stable chemical properties so that it can also carry out a variety of processing technology to meet the different appearance effect requirements, such as screen printing, flat print, mounting. Therefore, plexiglass production of display racks or accessories of the use of life can be compared with metal, wood comparable.