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Advantages of display stand and display cabinet
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The same point of display stand and display cabinet:

1, display racks and display cabinets with their names, have the role of display, display. We use display racks or display cabinets at fairs and fairs. At this time, display racks and display cabinets are played to show the role of the goods we want to show, collection of products to achieve a full range of display, to provide people with the opportunity to understand and recognize.

2, display the material has acrylic, also has the wooden, the wooden display frame and displays the ark to be same. Most of the material in the display cabinet is made of solid wood plus windows.

The difference between display cabinets and display racks:

1, display rack can be said to be hollow display cabinets, display in the display of the function is far more than display cabinets. Display frame because it is the design of the hollow, so in the display of goods more comprehensive, let people understand more thoroughly. The display cabinet in the display of the effect is far less than the display, people can only watch the display cabinet in front of the items, the back is not visible.

2, the use of the two have a significant difference in the amount, display racks are mainly used for commodity display, such as promotional, trade fairs, generally in the display, but also on the display shelf on the logo of the merchant, played the role of advertising. and display cabinets are mostly used in the time of the meeting, the exposition, the display cabinet is more conservative than the display, so it appears to be more stable, suitable for displaying some corporate image representative items, or for museum display items.