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Advantages and disadvantages of wooden painted display cabient
- Sep 27, 2018 -

The wooden paint cabinet is a lot of people nowadays. How much do we know about the wooden paint cabinet? Is the wooden paint cabinet good? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Many people are also concerned about the price of wooden paint cabinets, then the wood What is the price of the paint cabinet?

First, what is the wooden paint cabinet

The wooden paint cabinet refers to the showcase made of solid wood material. The solid wood is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere. China mainly imports, so its price will be slightly more expensive, but its pattern is more straight and very beautiful. So many people like to choose to buy wooden paint cabinets.

However, the price of wooden paint cabinets is very expensive. The main reason is that the solid wood is dense and hard, and the texture is very beautiful. The solid wood must be treated in a special way to ensure that its material is not affected. If the solid wood imported from the United States is generally divided into red oak and white oak. The price is very expensive, it is 10,000 yuan / square.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of wooden paint cabinet

Advantages of wooden paint cabinet:

1. The texture of the wooden paint cabinet is relatively hard, so its stability is relatively strong, the texture is still very clear, and the produced showcase is durable and fashionable. The shape it made is very high-end, so this is why many people like it.

2, the wooden paint cabinet structure is very thick, the color is very elegant, and very wear-resistant, solid wood is also suitable for a large number of decoration, showcase, and flooring and other materials. The practicality of solid wood is relatively wide, and it is very absorbent and very resistant to corrosion. The quality of the solid wood showcase made with it is very good.

Disadvantages of wooden paint cabinets:

1. Because the solid wood material is produced less in China, the showcase made of solid wood is very expensive. The texture of the wooden paint cabinet is very hard, but in fact, this is its shortcoming. The moisture in the showcase is not easily dried, and it is prone to decay over time.

2. It is easy for us to confuse the wooden paint cabinet with the rubber wood showcase, which actually affects our judgment. Although the wooden paint cabinets in our country are very good in terms of processing technology, if we do not pay attention to maintenance, after a year and a half, it may become old and shrink.

Third, the price of wooden paint cabinet

Because the solid wood material is more precious, the price of the wooden paint cabinet will be relatively expensive. The price of wooden paint cabinets varies from thousands to tens of thousands depending on the brand, specifications, and purchase requirements. For example, the price of a brand wooden baking cabinet is about several thousand yuan; of course, the price of such a wooden baking cabinet is still relatively common in the price of the showcase. If the design and modeling requirements are relatively high, its price must be 10,000 yuan. about.

The above is the introduction of the relevant wooden paint cabinet and the price of the wooden paint cabinet. After reading it, you should have an understanding of the wooden paint cabinet. Choosing the right furniture can make our living room more beautiful.