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2018 China (Shanghai) International Advertising Exhibition,we come !
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Exhibition overview

SIGN CHINA began in 2003, pioneering laser engraving / cutting / welding / bending equipment, signage, light boxes, advertising panels, POP, indoor and outdoor digital printing equipment and ink, digital printing supplies, advertising machines, digital display / Touch / software and supporting, LED display, LED advertising light source, LED lighting, LED packaging / chip and equipment and other products on the same platform display, successfully created the first and most complete one-stop business procurement platform for the advertising industry. After 16 years of global promotion and brand accumulation, it has developed into one of the most influential and highest-level advertising industry events in the world. It is also recognized as the most global and international exhibition of the audience. Advertising industry "Oscar" annual event.

As an important “wind vane” of the global advertising industry, the exhibition will continue to fulfill its mission of improving the quality of the entire industry. It will continue to present exhibitors and audiences with the world's best traditional advertising logo industry and new digital signage fields, and showcase the “new five new” of the advertising industry. That is, new technologies, new equipment, new materials, new media, and new digital identification products.

Exhibition scope

W1-W5: Traditional Advertising Logo Product Pavilion

W1: laser engraving machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, bending machine, etc.

Laser engraving machine, fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, advertising engraving machine, engraving tool and related accessories, etc.

Bending machine, cutting plotter, slotting machine, polishing machine, blister machine, etc.

W2: indoor and outdoor digital printing supplies and other products

Digital printing supplies such as inkjet cloth, photo cloth, tarpaulin, mesh cloth, single-transparent film, cold laminating film, body sticker, sticky note, adhesive, reflective material, photo paper, etc.

W3: identification signs, light boxes, luminous characters, plates, display equipment and POP products, etc.

Signage, logo products, three-sided and multi-faceted

Exhibition equipment, portable display series, stage truss and other POP products

All kinds of light boxes, resin letters, Seiko, EL cold light source and other lighting products, etc.

Acrylic and related process products, PVC foam board, aluminum-plastic board, KT board and other advertising boards

Advertising design books and software

W4-W5: indoor and outdoor digital printing equipment, digital printing equipment, ink and related accessories, etc.

Indoor and outdoor digital inkjet photo equipment, UV flatbed printer, banner machine, cold heading machine, hot stamping machine, splicing machine, laminating machine, etc.

Digital textile printing machine, heat transfer machine, digital imaging technology output equipment, etc.

Various types of inkjet photo inks, inks, etc.

E1-E3: Digital Identification Product Pavilion

E1: LED display and supporting product exhibition area

E2: LED display and matching, advertising, digital display / touch / software and supporting products and other product areas

E3: LED advertising light source and LED lighting and other product exhibition areas

E4: Integrated advertising equipment and advertising materials

At that time, our company will organize personnel to participate.